We are a sociable archery club. We have 30 targets up year round to shoot at, including 20 yard targets from the club house, a few 3-D targets ranging from 15-50 yards from a tree stand, 15 bag targets on one side of the course and 15 3-D targets on the other. Club members come up every Wednesday night around dinner time and Sunday morning around 10am to shoot their bows. Our monthly Club meeting is held on the third Wednesday of each month at 7pm.

The purpose of the club shall be:
To Foster, expand, and perpetuate the practice of archery, and the spirit of good fellowship among all archers; to encourage the use of the bow in hunting of all legal game; birds and animals; and cooperate with Archery Associations in securing better hunting privileges and conditions for bowhunters; to cooperate with all conservation organizations in the propagation and conservation of game; to encourage and stimulate an interest in outdoor sports, and generally to provide its members and the guests with the conveniences of a club house and of lands where they may engage in such sports; to buy or otherwise acquire, own, hold, manage, control real and personal property of every description; and to provide. construct, develop, acquire, lease, own operate and maintain a club and facilities and equipment for the promotion of all kinds of athletic sports.